Affording prescription eye drops can be difficult. Below are the companies and drugs that are covered on the patient assistance programs. 

Allergan– Alphagan, Combigan, Restasis, Pred Forte, Ozurdex,  Acuvail, Lumigan

Novartis-Azopt,Durezol, Ilevro, Pazeo, Simbrinza, Tobradex, Travatn Z, Vigamox Xiidra

Bausch and Lomb-Alrex, Bepreve, Besivance, Lacrisert, Prolensa. Zirgan, Zylet

Generic Drugs

To find coupons for generic drugs at chain pharmacies, please visit:

Local Pharmacies

Here are two local pharmacies that do local deliveries but also have cash prices and have lots of coupons for our patients that allow them to use them for discounts.