Our LASIK Laser Vision Correction is state-of-the-art
We specialize in state-of-the-art all-laser LASIK laser vision correction known as “z-LASIK” featuring Ziemer and Alcon Wavefront Optimized technology that uses no blades, is guided by a custom fingerprint of your vision, and maximizes safety and effectiveness. Watch this video to better understand our LASIK Philosophy:

We offer the most advanced cataract surgery available
We are experts in advanced, painless, “small-incision” cataract surgery in which your cloudy cataract is removed through an incision about the size of a pencil tip and then replaced with an advanced lens implant that can be folded and inserted through the same tiny incision. We offer bladeless cataract surgery which makes use of the Alcon LenSx or Ziemer femtosecond lasers to precisely create the cataract incisions, opening in your lens, and allow for exacting astigmatism correction. We offer the most advanced multifocal lens implant technology like the PanOptix, ReSTOR, and Symfony implants that can reduce or eliminate the need for reading glasses after surgery, and the AcrySof Toric implant that reduces astigmatism to help decrease your dependence on glasses to see far away. Watch this video to better understand our Cataract Experience: